Anchovies to the Cider: A Flavorful Adventure

There’s a certain thrill in discovering a new flavor combination that just works. That was my experience when I first tried ‘Anchovies to the Cider’, a pairing that might sound unusual, but trust me, it’s a match made in culinary heaven. The salty tang of anchovies combined with the crisp sweetness of cider creates a symphony of flavors that has since become a personal favorite. Let’s dive into this delightful duo!

Anchovies to the Cider Recipe

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Anchovies to the cider

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 5 people
Calories 450 kcal


  • 1 pot


  • 1.5 kg of anchovies.
  • 300 milliliters of cider.
  • 1 fresh chive.
  • 2 teeth of garlic.
  • parsley branches.
  • 1/4 liter of virgin olive oil.
  • salt.


  • we only clean to the anchovies clearing to them the central thorn and the head and leaving to the backs and the salamos slightly.
  • we prick the chive and small garlic in brounoisse picadito in cuadraditos and sofreimos the vegetables to untimed fire in a mud casserole.
  • when the onion this transparency, we threw the anchovies and we warmed up return and returned by each side.
  • we remove from the casserole the anchovies and reserved.
  • we add the cider to the casserole, raised the fire, we left reduces the juice during
  • 5 minutes and we bound the juice with circular motions of the casserole.
  • we remove the casserole from the fire we added the anchovies and the pricked parsley, we covered and we let rest
  • 10 minutes.
  • we serve warms up.


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About Anchovies to the Cider

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‘Anchovies to the Cider’ is a unique flavor pairing that brings together two seemingly disparate ingredients – anchovies, those tiny, flavor-packed fish, and cider, a beverage known for its sweet and fruity notes. It’s a testament to the magic that can happen when you dare to step outside the culinary box.

Cooking Tips

The Dish on Anchovies | Choices Market

  • Quality Matters: Opt for high-quality anchovies and cider. The better the ingredients, the more delicious the end result.
  • Balance is Key: The saltiness of the anchovies should complement the sweetness of the cider, not overpower it. Adjust quantities to achieve the perfect balance.
  • Experiment: Don’t be afraid to try different types of cider or add other ingredients into the mix. The joy of cooking lies in experimentation!

Serving Suggestions

The beauty of ‘Anchovies to the Cider’ lies in its versatility. This delightful pairing can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways, each offering a unique gastronomic experience.

  • The Classic Pairing: One of the simplest and most traditional ways to enjoy ‘Anchovies to the Cider’ is to serve the anchovies on a slice of crusty bread, accompanied by a glass of chilled cider. This allows the contrasting flavors of the salty anchovies and the sweet cider to shine through, creating a harmonious balance that is sure to delight your taste buds.
  • Anchovy and Cider Tapas: For a more elaborate serving suggestion, consider creating a tapas-style platter. Arrange the anchovies on slices of toasted baguette, drizzle with a little olive oil, and sprinkle with fresh herbs. Serve alongside a selection of cheeses, olives, and other tapas favorites, with a bottle of crisp cider to wash it all down.
  • Incorporating into Recipes: If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, ‘Anchovies to the Cider’ can also be incorporated into various recipes. Consider using the anchovies as a flavor booster in pasta dishes, salads, or even pizzas. The cider, on the other hand, can be used in marinades, dressings, or sauces, adding a touch of sweetness that beautifully complements the saltiness of the anchovies.
  • Anchovy and Cider Canapés: For a sophisticated twist, why not transform ‘Anchovies to the Cider’ into elegant canapés? Top bite-sized pieces of crusty bread with a small anchovy fillet, a dollop of cream cheese, and a sprig of dill. Serve these canapés with glasses of chilled cider for a classy appetizer that’s perfect for dinner parties or special occasions.
  • A Gourmet Picnic: ‘Anchovies to the Cider’ also makes for a fantastic picnic treat. Pack a jar of anchovies, a baguette, and a bottle of cider, and you have the perfect ingredients for a gourmet picnic. Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while savoring this delightful pairing.


  • Can I use any type of cider? While apple cider is a classic choice, feel free to experiment with pear cider or even flavored ciders. Each will bring a unique twist to the pairing.
  • I’m not a fan of anchovies. Can I substitute with another fish? While anchovies have a distinct flavor that’s hard to replicate, you could try using sardines or mackerel as an alternative.
  • Can ‘Anchovies to the Cider’ be served as a main dish? Typically, this pairing is enjoyed as an appetizer or snack. However, there’s no rule against turning it into a main dish if you wish!
  • How should I store leftover anchovies? Leftover anchovies can be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container. They’re best consumed within a few days.
  • Is there a specific type of anchovies that works best for this pairing? Both fresh and canned anchovies can work well. It ultimately depends on your personal preference.

My adventure with ‘Anchovies to the Cider’ has been a delightful exploration of flavor and culinary creativity. It’s taught me that sometimes, the most unexpected combinations can lead to the most delicious discoveries. As I continue my gastronomic journey, I look forward to uncovering more such surprising and delightful pairings. After all, isn’t that what makes cooking such a joy?

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