The Sweet Symphony of Candy Corn Frozen Citrus Cream Pops

Hello, fellow sweet-toothed friends! Today, I’m thrilled to share with you a dessert that has been a hit in my home – the delightful “Candy Corn Frozen Citrus Cream Pops.” We won’t be discussing the recipe today, as you’ve already got that down. Instead, let’s delve into some expert cooking tips, address common questions, and learn how to serve this colorful treat with flair!

Candy Corn Frozen Citrus Cream Pops recipe

Candy Corn Frozen Citrus Cream Pops Recipe

Prep Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 3
Calories 657 kcal


  • 1 large bowl


  • 2 14-ounce cans sweetened condensed milk
  • * 1 teaspoon grated fresh lemon zest
  • * 1/3 cup plus 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice from 2 juicy lemons, divided
  • * 36 drops yellow food coloring divided (see Cooks' Notes)
  • * 1 teaspoon grated fresh orange zest
  • * 1/4 cup fresh orange juice from two small oranges
  • * 9 drops red food coloring see Cooks' Notes
  • * 1 cup chilled heavy cream


  • Special equpment: 12 (3-ounce) frozen pop molds; 12 wooden frozen pop sticks, if using molds that require them
  • Put one can of milk in each of 2 bowls, then whisk lemon zest, 1/3 cup lemon juice, and 18 drops yellow food coloring into one bowl.
  • Whisk orange zest, orange juice, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, and remaining 18 drops yellow and 9 drops red food coloring into second bowl.
  • Beat cream in another bowl with an electric mixer until it just holds stiff peaks, then gently fold half of cream into each condensed milk mixture.
  • Divide orange mixture among the molds, about 2 1/2 tablespoons per mold, then freeze until firm, at least 30 minutes.
  • Divide lemon mixture among molds, about 2 1/2 tablespoons per mold.
  • Place cover on molds and insert sticks, making sure they are straight (important for removing top when unmolding). Freeze until completely firm, at least 8 hours.
  • Unmold Pops:
  • If using a multiple-pop mold, partially submerge up to 1/4 inch from top of mold in a large bowl or sink of room-temperature water for 30 seconds. Remove mold from water, then remove cover and pull out pops.
  • If using individual molds, run hot water over them for about 5 seconds, then let stand 30 seconds and remove cover.
  • In either case, serve immediately or wrap individually in plastic wrap and freeze until ready to serve.



Cooks' Notes: •Brands of liquid food coloring vary in their intensity, so the number of drops you'll need to achieve the color you want may take more than what's listed in the recipe. Gina Marie Miraglia Eriquez, who developed the recipe, got great color with the number of drops listed in the recipe, but Paul Grimes, the food stylist, who used another brand, needed 36 drops of yellow for the lemon and 72 drops of yellow along with 36 drops of red food coloring to achieve his neon colors.
•Ice pops can be made 1 week ahead. Unmold when frozen hard and wrap each pop individually in plastic wrap.
•Two mothers were involved in the development and cross-test of this recipe, and both highly recommend making frozen pops ahead of time for a party and wrapping them in plastic wrap, so that the pops are all set to be handed out. It's much better than having a bunch of kids standing around, anxiously waiting for you to unmold them!
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About Candy Corn Frozen Citrus Cream Pops

Candy Corn Frozen Citrus Cream Pops is a delightful dessert that brings together the refreshing flavors of citrus fruits in a fun, frozen treat. This dessert has been a personal favorite of mine for its playful presentation and the burst of fresh, fruity flavors it offers. The pops are designed to mimic the look of candy corn with layers of different colored citrus creams, making them a visually appealing treat that’s sure to impress both kids and adults alike. The combination of the creamy texture and the tangy-sweet citrus flavors makes these pops a perfect dessert for warm weather days. In this discussion, we’ll delve into some cooking tips, frequently asked questions, and serving suggestions to help you master the art of Candy Corn Frozen Citrus Cream Pops.

Cooking Tips for Candy Corn Frozen Citrus Cream Pops

Creating perfect Candy Corn Frozen Citrus Cream Pops is all about understanding the subtleties. Here are some tips I’ve gathered over the years:

  • Quality ingredients: Always opt for fresh citrus fruits and high-quality cream. The quality of these key ingredients can significantly elevate your pops.
  • Layering patience: Patience is key when layering the different colors. Make sure each layer is fully frozen before adding the next to achieve that distinct candy corn look.
  • Popsicle molds: Invest in good quality popsicle molds for the best results. They should be sturdy and easy to handle.
  • Prioritize quality: Always choose fresh citrus fruits and high-grade cream. The superiority of these primary ingredients can significantly enhance your pops.
  • Patience in layering: When it comes to layering the different colors, patience is crucial. Ensure each layer is fully set before adding the next to achieve that distinctive candy corn appearance.
  • Invest in popsicle molds: For optimal results, invest in high-quality popsicle molds. They should be durable and user-friendly.

FAQs about Candy Corn Frozen Citrus Cream Pops

  • Can I prepare Candy Corn Frozen Citrus Cream Pops in advance? Absolutely! These pops are perfect for making ahead. Once frozen, they can be kept in the freezer for up to a month, ready to be enjoyed whenever you like.
  • What type of citrus fruits work best for Candy Corn Frozen Citrus Cream Pops? You can use any type of citrus fruit you prefer. However, for the classic candy corn look, using oranges and lemons would give you the desired color gradient.
  • Can I use other flavors for my Candy Corn Frozen Citrus Cream Pops? Definitely! Feel free to experiment with other flavors like strawberry, mango, or even chocolate. Just remember to maintain the color layers for that candy corn effect.
  • Do I need special equipment to make Candy Corn Frozen Citrus Cream Pops? While popsicle molds are ideal for achieving the classic shape, you can also use small cups and popsicle sticks if you don’t have molds.
  • How do I store Candy Corn Frozen Citrus Cream Pops? Once the pops are fully frozen, you can transfer them to a zip-top freezer bag for easier storage. Be sure to consume them within a month for the best flavor and texture.

Serving Candy Corn Frozen Citrus Cream Pops Like a Pro

Serving Candy Corn Frozen Citrus Cream Pops with style is all about the presentation. Here’s how I like to do it:

  • Individual serving: Serve each pop individually on a small plate or napkin to catch any drips.
  • Garnish: A sprinkle of extra candy corn pieces around the plate adds a fun and festive touch.
  • Pairing: These pops are a dessert in themselves, but they also pair wonderfully with a hot beverage on a warm day.

And there you have it! With these tips and tricks up your sleeve, you’re ready to impress with your Candy Corn Frozen Citrus Cream Pops. Remember, cooking is a journey – enjoy every step of it. Happy cooking!

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