Stewed Cod Fish in Mexican Style Recipe – A Flavorful Twist on a Classic

Food Easy Recipes love putting a unique spin on classic dishes, and this Mexican-style stewed cod definitely fits the bill! While traditional cod recipes tend to be on the mild side, stewing the fish in a zesty tomato broth amps up the flavor significantly.

Stewed Cod Fish in Mexican Style

Put a flavorful twist on classic cod with this Mexican-inspired stew! Simmered in a zesty, aromatic tomato broth with just a touch of heat, the cod soaks up the dynamic flavors while remaining lusciously moist and tender. Easy to prepare and endlessly adaptable, this stew makes for a fabulous family meal or fun dinner party centerpiece.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine Mexican
Servings 4 servings
Calories 325 kcal


  • 4 cod fish fillets 150 g each
  • 2 eetlepels of taco tacokruiden
  • 1 can kidneybonen 400 g
  • 1 can corn grains 175 g
  • 50 g butter
  • 1 pot mild taco sauce 454 g
  • 4 lente-uitjes


  • Reel the cod fish fillets finished under the cold tap and dab them.
  • Powder fillets with 1 eetlepel of the taco tacokruiden.
  • The can kidneybonen and the can corn grains let leak out well.
  • Mix the kidneybonen with the corn grains, the taco sauce and the rest of the kruiden.
  • Hot the butter in a pan and barge cod fish fillets approx. 3 minutes on a moderate fire.
  • Joint the broad bean corn mixture to cod fish fillets and leaves this in approx.
  • 3 minutes warm becomes.
  • Let stew whole approx. 5 minutes with the lid on the pan on a low fire softly.
  • Cut in the meantime lente-uitjes in very narrow rings and scatter them concerning the Court.



  • Monitor cod closely to prevent overcooking
  • Garnish bowls with suggested toppings for maximum flavor
  • Adjust jalapeño amounts to preference for spice level
  • Serve with rice, beans, tortillas, margaritas
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Cooking Tips for Foolproof Stewed Cod

Caldo de Pescado (Mexican Fish Soup)

Stewing is hands down my favorite way to prepare cod and other hearty white fish like halibut or haddock. It keeps the fish incredibly moist and tender while allowing it to soak up all the dynamic flavors of the stew broth.

Cut Thickness Matters When working with a stew recipe, it’s extra important to cut the fish into nice, large chunks. Thin pieces will overcook and turn rubbery in a hurry. I prefer around 2-inch chunks to ensure the cod holds its shape and flakes beautifully.

Monitor Doneness Closely Cod and related fish have a notoriously narrow window between perfectly cooked and overdone. Keep a close eye on it and use a thermometer if you can. As soon as it flakes easily with a fork and registers 140°F, it’s ready. This usually takes just 3-4 minutes in simmering liquid.

Boost Flavor with Finishings Don’t stop the flavor boosting just because the cod is cooked! Garnishing the finished stew bowls amplifies the flavors even more. I like to top my bowls with freshly chopped cilantro, lime wedges, diced avocado, crumbled Mexican cheese like cotija or queso fresco, toasted pepitas, or crema.

Experiment with Broths While this recipe uses a traditional Mexican-style tomato and chile broth, don’t be afraid to try other liquid bases. Curries, coconut milk stews, wine-based broths, and more can all infuse delicious flavors.

I hope these tips help you achieve stewed cod perfection! Let the simmering liquid do most of the work so the fish stays lusciously moist. And garnish away when serving for maximum flavor.

Incredible Serving Ideas for Mexican Stewed Cod

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This dynamic stew is so cozy, comforting and packed with zesty Mexican flavor – it truly brings people together at the table. I love to serve it family-style in a big communal pot alongside a basket of warm corn or flour tortillas for making tacos or burritos. Let everyone assemble their own creations and customize with their favorite toppings.

For a more complete meal, I’ll prepare some cilantro lime rice, Mexican cauliflower rice or quinoa to soak up that incredible broth. The stew also pairs nicely with seasoned black or pinto beans, elote salad, sliced avocado or quick-pickled veggies like onions, radishes or jalapeños.

And you can’t forget the beverages! Ice cold Mexican lager beer or a salty, lime-rimmed margarita are my top picks for beverage pairings. A crisp white wine, horchata or jamaica agua fresca would also complement the flavors beautifully.

For special occasions, try serving the stew in crispy fried tortilla bowls for an edible vessel that adds even more texture and flavor. You could also load the stew up nacho-style on top of tostada chips for a fun twist.

With so many tasty serving ideas, this stew lends itself to backyard barbecues, game day watch parties, and even elegant date nights alike. Simply set out the components and let your family and friends get creative assembling their own perfect bowl!

Frequently Asked Questions About This Fabulous Stew

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What’s the best type of cod to use?

I prefer thick, meaty cod fillets like Pacific or Alaskan for this recipe. Their hearty texture holds up well to stewing and soaks up lots of flavor. But any high-quality white fish like haddock, halibut or sea bass would also be delicious. The key is finding sustainably-sourced, wild-caught cod from cold northern waters. Farm-raised tends to be less flavorful.

Can I substitute frozen cod?

You sure can! Just be sure to thaw it completely first and pat the fillets very dry with paper towels before cutting into chunks. Excess moisture makes the fish prone to overcooking.

Help! I can’t find Mexican oregano. What can I use instead?

No worries! Regular Mediterranean oregano works beautifully as well. You’ll get that earthy, aromatic flavor either way.

Is this stew spicy? How can I adjust the heat?

I designed this recipe with a medium spice level from the jalapeños. Their flavor shines without overpowering. But you can easily control the heat by adding less or removing the ribs and seeds first. For extra kick, offer hot sauce on the side. The cilantro, lime and avocado garnishes also help cool things down.

What protein substitutions work?

While cod is amazing here, you could swap in shrimp, scallops or chicken thighs for a twist. The classic Mexican flavors will suit any protein nicely.

Can I prepare it ahead of time?

Absolutely! The stew holds up well for 2-3 days refrigerated and can be frozen for 2 months. Gently reheat before serving.

I hope this FAQ helps you feel confident putting this Mexican-inspired stew on the table soon. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions!

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